Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Celebrity Gossip: Lady Gaga 'quit drugs after being caught by her father '

Lady Gaga has revealed that she quit drugs after her dad caught her doing some in his house. The 25-year-old pop superstar is very open about having abused drugs while trying to find herself as a struggling musician playing in New York clubs. "I just was partying and being very self-indulgent and trying to find myself," she told fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier in a TV interview. "And in hindsight it's so dangerous - I really don't encourage anyone to follow that path," she said. But it was the embarrassment of her family finding out in a very dramatic way that made her quit drugs on the spot. "I actually was doing drugs in my parents' house one day and they didn't know I was in the bathroom," she recalled. "And I came out and my father could tell. And I just remember feeling so embarrassed and I quit instantly. "I care so much what my father thinks. I'm very old-fashioned Italian in that way. It was pretty instant." She insists she does not miss her drug years. "Over the years I've realised that the joy and euphoria I experience in the relationship with my fans is so much greater than any drug could be," she insisted.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Quiz: Will Your Summer Romance Survive?

Answer each question then add up all your points to determine your answer:

Q: Your crush asks you to hang out. He takes you to:
1 pt: The park to watch his friend's game.
2 pts: The movies with a group of friends.
3 pts: His house to meet his parents.

Q:When his friends are around:
1 pt: He tries to act cool and talks to you differently. You often feel ignored.
2 pts: He laughs and jokes with them, but still makes sure you're noticed.
3 pts: He still flirts and holds hand with you, even if they make fun of him.

Q: This summer you've spent:
1 pt: A lot of time hanging out with your friends.
2 pts: Time with both your friends and your crush.
3 pts: Every single second with your crush.

Q: Your crush's profile picture is:
1 pt: Himself, showing off his beach bod!
2 pts: The two of you making silly faces!
3 pts: Only you two. It was taken on a date!

Q: When it comes to texting:
1 pt: You're usually the one who has to send the first text.
2 pts: It's an even balance. You both text each other equally.
3 pts: He always is the first one to send you a "good morning" text.

5-8 pts: UNLIKELY!
Your guy sounds like he is way too into himself. He's not looking for a relationship right now.

9-12 pts: MAYBE!
It sounds like your summer fling may have some potential. But if things don't work out, you can still be good friends!

13-15 pts: YES!
Your summer crush is totally into you. Once you go back to school, there's a good chance he might ask you out!

-Enjoy, Cynthia!

Celebrity Gossip: Lady Gaga crushing on Nick Jonas!

Believe it, because it's true - Lady Gaga is crushing hard on JoBro. As soon as a video of Nick singing a cover of Gaga's song song, "The Edge Of Glory" hit the web, Gaga admits she listened to the tune over and over again! "Swoon! Nick Jonas singing "The Edge Of Glory". On my way to press conference in Taichung, listening to it. So dreamy!" Gaga tweeted.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebrity Gossip: Cheryl Cole & Cameron Diaz plan a Girly Trip !

Pop star Cheryl Cole and Cameron Diaz's friendship seems to be in full swing as the girls have planned a trip to New York together. The pair have become good friends since meeting on the of new flick What To Expect When You're Expecting. According to British newspaper The Sun, the girls had a good giggle and gossip on set and now they have been organising a trip to New York since the Girls Aloud singer arrived home in the UK. A source told the publication: "Cheryl has a dirty sense of humour and Cameron found her funny. They've been planning a girly weekend if they can find a spot in their diaries."

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Question of the Month: September (: !

September's Question of the Month is:

What's The Last Thing You Do Before You Go To Sleep?

My answer: I probably read part of my book, every month I read like a book. Sometimes I skip a month, cause I just don't feel like it. And in the summer I never read ;p!

What about you guys? What's The Last Thing You Do Before You Go To Sleep??

xoxo, Cynthia!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Get The Look: VMA Winners

As a music lover, I definitely take outfit inspiration from my favourite pop stars.

The Beyonces, the Gagas and the Rihannas have all inspired my fashion

choices (especially before a night out) so I was thrilled to see some of

these fashionistas honoured at the VMAs on Sunday.

Each video that won was crazier than the next

and the wheels in my fashion-brain started turning:

how could I take inspiration from the looks in these videos

without looking like a total freak on the streets?

I decided to use Polyvore to come up with some

outfits inspired by all the videos of female winners at the

2011 VMAs that wouldn’t overwhelm the masses with fashion craziness.

Best Pop Video:

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends

The Inspiration:

The Look:

This video is ALL about torn clothes, visible bras and glamourous edge

but such skimpy clothes aren’t exactly street-appropriate.

Enter: Skinny jeans! I had to incorporate a studded

leather jacket some how because it was the standout piece in the video.

Britney also sports a sheer top and lots of red sparkly accents

so I added some killer glitter heels (Wizard of Oz, anyone?)

and red and silver bangles.

Best Hip-Hop Video:

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

The Inspiration:

The Look:

Nicki Minaj seemingly can’t go anywhere without something pink on.

Be it her hair, her outfit, her shoes, or her accessories (or all of the above)

she’s always wearing it! This is the perfect summer daytime outfit.

Nicki is wearing the coolest Doc Martens in the video during her group

dance number so I had to include some stylish Docs in the outfit.

Also, if you’re feeling crazy, feel free to dye your hair her signature

color (Manic Panic is temporary!).

Best Female Video:

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

The Inspiration:

The Look:

For most of the video Gaga is wearing underwear so I had to pick and choose.

My favourite scene is the one where LG is in full skeleton makeup and a tuxedo

dancing around Zombie Boy (whose face is permanently skeleton’d thanks to tattoos!).

Most girls wouldn’t wear a full tuxedo, um, ever, so I had to make this look work

while still keeping it fun. That’s where the bowtie necklace comes in.

How cute is it?! This is a fun outfit for a night on the town

or a dinner date with your man.

Best Choreography:

Beyonce - Run The World (Girls)

The Inspiration:

The Look:

The fashion in this video is straight up insane.

I couldn’t come up with direct copy-cat looks

because all Beyonce wears is haute-couture

and anything knockoff often just ends up looking cheap.

For this look I took inspirations from the ~essence~ of the video:

strong, brave, fierce women. Naturally I gravitated toward animal print

and I had to add the furry vest because it’s the best piece in the video.

Don’t forget the geometric gold earrings and cranberry-red wedge

shoes to stomp on anybody who challenges you.

Video of the Year:

Katy Perry - Firework

The Inspiration:

The Look:

This video isn’t exactly a hot bed for outfit inspiration,

it’s more about the message (“baby, you’re a firework” seems to be the message…)

but if you’re looking for an appropriate outfit for a fancy cocktail party

or a grown up art-gallery launch (that’s something that grown ups do, right?)

this video provides great ideas.

If this sparkly jacket doesn’t evoke fireworks,

then I don’t know what does. I added the purple nail polish

to reflect Katy’s pretty purple hair in the video.

The skirt reminds me of a ballerina!

SO what have we learned today? You can find outfit inspiration just

about anywhere but when in doubt look to powerful pop ladies! Also: glitter never fails.

[UPDATE: Male coworker complained about the lack of male fashion

so he took to Polyvore himself and made a look for…]

Best New Artist:

Tyler The Creator

The Inspiration:

The Look:

Is Tyler sponsored by Supreme? I’ve never seen him without that hat on.

I think he might be hiding some early baldness issues…ANYWAY!

I call this look skater-kid-chic because the shirt is a liiiiiiittle bit more

~haute~ than just a ratty old t-shirt. This guy definitely has

defined personal style. Don’t forget the tube socks!

-Enjoy, Cynthia!

P.S If the pics are not all showing, just right-click and open them in a new tab!

Celebrity Gossip: Justin Bieber 'punks Taylor Swift' :o !

Justin Bieber reportedly used Taylor Swift's friendship with his girlfriend Selena Gomez to Punk the country singer. The 17-year-old has taken over from Ashton Kutcher as celebrity prankster on the MTV show, and is said to have lured Swift round to his beach pad by asking her to help him write a song for Gomez. A source told, "Justin called Taylor Swift and asked if she would come over to his beach house and help him write a song for Selena Gomez. Taylor agreed and even asked him to open for her at her show that night at the Staples Center." The Biebs then apparently convinced Swift to help him set off some fireworks in his backyard before making it look like they have actually set fire to a nearby boat where a wedding was taking place. Actors dressed for the occasion then swam up and accused Taylor of ruining their big day. "Taylor didn't start crying but was very freaked out and was like 'OMG I'm so sorry!' Justin was trying to downplay the situation. When he said she'd been punk'd she started laughing and said, 'How could you do this to me?!'" the source added.