Friday, September 2, 2011

Get The Look: VMA Winners

As a music lover, I definitely take outfit inspiration from my favourite pop stars.

The Beyonces, the Gagas and the Rihannas have all inspired my fashion

choices (especially before a night out) so I was thrilled to see some of

these fashionistas honoured at the VMAs on Sunday.

Each video that won was crazier than the next

and the wheels in my fashion-brain started turning:

how could I take inspiration from the looks in these videos

without looking like a total freak on the streets?

I decided to use Polyvore to come up with some

outfits inspired by all the videos of female winners at the

2011 VMAs that wouldn’t overwhelm the masses with fashion craziness.

Best Pop Video:

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends

The Inspiration:

The Look:

This video is ALL about torn clothes, visible bras and glamourous edge

but such skimpy clothes aren’t exactly street-appropriate.

Enter: Skinny jeans! I had to incorporate a studded

leather jacket some how because it was the standout piece in the video.

Britney also sports a sheer top and lots of red sparkly accents

so I added some killer glitter heels (Wizard of Oz, anyone?)

and red and silver bangles.

Best Hip-Hop Video:

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

The Inspiration:

The Look:

Nicki Minaj seemingly can’t go anywhere without something pink on.

Be it her hair, her outfit, her shoes, or her accessories (or all of the above)

she’s always wearing it! This is the perfect summer daytime outfit.

Nicki is wearing the coolest Doc Martens in the video during her group

dance number so I had to include some stylish Docs in the outfit.

Also, if you’re feeling crazy, feel free to dye your hair her signature

color (Manic Panic is temporary!).

Best Female Video:

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

The Inspiration:

The Look:

For most of the video Gaga is wearing underwear so I had to pick and choose.

My favourite scene is the one where LG is in full skeleton makeup and a tuxedo

dancing around Zombie Boy (whose face is permanently skeleton’d thanks to tattoos!).

Most girls wouldn’t wear a full tuxedo, um, ever, so I had to make this look work

while still keeping it fun. That’s where the bowtie necklace comes in.

How cute is it?! This is a fun outfit for a night on the town

or a dinner date with your man.

Best Choreography:

Beyonce - Run The World (Girls)

The Inspiration:

The Look:

The fashion in this video is straight up insane.

I couldn’t come up with direct copy-cat looks

because all Beyonce wears is haute-couture

and anything knockoff often just ends up looking cheap.

For this look I took inspirations from the ~essence~ of the video:

strong, brave, fierce women. Naturally I gravitated toward animal print

and I had to add the furry vest because it’s the best piece in the video.

Don’t forget the geometric gold earrings and cranberry-red wedge

shoes to stomp on anybody who challenges you.

Video of the Year:

Katy Perry - Firework

The Inspiration:

The Look:

This video isn’t exactly a hot bed for outfit inspiration,

it’s more about the message (“baby, you’re a firework” seems to be the message…)

but if you’re looking for an appropriate outfit for a fancy cocktail party

or a grown up art-gallery launch (that’s something that grown ups do, right?)

this video provides great ideas.

If this sparkly jacket doesn’t evoke fireworks,

then I don’t know what does. I added the purple nail polish

to reflect Katy’s pretty purple hair in the video.

The skirt reminds me of a ballerina!

SO what have we learned today? You can find outfit inspiration just

about anywhere but when in doubt look to powerful pop ladies! Also: glitter never fails.

[UPDATE: Male coworker complained about the lack of male fashion

so he took to Polyvore himself and made a look for…]

Best New Artist:

Tyler The Creator

The Inspiration:

The Look:

Is Tyler sponsored by Supreme? I’ve never seen him without that hat on.

I think he might be hiding some early baldness issues…ANYWAY!

I call this look skater-kid-chic because the shirt is a liiiiiiittle bit more

~haute~ than just a ratty old t-shirt. This guy definitely has

defined personal style. Don’t forget the tube socks!

-Enjoy, Cynthia!

P.S If the pics are not all showing, just right-click and open them in a new tab!