Saturday, June 4, 2011

L.O.V.E @ Home (: !!

These rocks are a design at our home & I wanted to show love through them !!

- L: The way lovers look at each other. It's like you see your lover in a different way; You see them like they're the only perfect person in the world. You look at them with love !!

-O: When you officially lose your mind while you're with him/her. You feel like: "huh?! where am I?! ohh, right I'm with him/her" & that's how you stay !! It's like you forget everything while you're with your lover !!
Here, due to his/her amazing beauty you lose your mind; L ---> O !!

-V: When you feel like you're in a vacant world, that you two are the only people living on Earth, or the universe. (Such as Rihanna's song: Only Girl, but here it's: Only People !!)
So here, because you lost your mind, you feel that the world is vacant; L ---> O ---> V !!

-E: When you have that extraordinary feeling, because you're in love !!
So: L ---> O ---> V ---> E !!

L.O.V.E !!
So, I just made up what I think love is !! Of course you might have different opinions, so if you can, comment below & let me know what you think (: !!

xoxo, Cynthia!