Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Does A Smile Mean To You ?! (:

The question here is:

What Does A Smile From A Complete Stranger Mean To You ?!

The question isn't hard yet it has a lot of answers for me !!

- It depends who the stranger is. It also depends on the way his/her eyes are when he/she smiles:

1. For me, if a he smiles it is either cause he is being friendly or he likes me. If his eyes had a shiny sparkle it's the 2nd choice !! (That's how I think; of course you might have different opinions) Yet, maybe I'm wrong ! Who knows?! But it probably means he's just being friendly.

2. If a she smiles, it probably is cause she is just being friendly.

Like I do, I smile to all people (even if I don't know them) just to be friendly & to show them that I am filled with love. Smiles truly express the meaning of love.

Sometimes, all you need is a smile to lighten your day! Am I right ?!?!?! I mean is you were so depressed or not feeling good or if you had one incident that made you day bad & you were walking down the street & someone smiles to you, you will feel like: hey! how nice was that!; & you would feel much better!! I know I would !!

So, this was my opinion. If you want to discuss this subject or even tell me your opinion just comment below & show your love

Keep Smiling &

xoxo, Cynthia!