Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Virtual Dressing Rooms @ !

The most annoying thing about shopping online is not being able to try clothes on to see what they look like, especially for someone like me who has no fashion sense what so ever and ends up purchasing a load of random tops and skirts that when put together, make me look like Ronald MacDonald on acid.

But there is hope dear friends in the form of Dutch startup They aim to give you a free virtual dressing room which enables you to mix and match all kinds of fashion items on your personal virtual model.

I really hate any kind of clothes shopping, but have actually just spent over an hour on their site having dare-i-say-it, fun trying the different looks on my avatar – The thing is when you can see garments together on yourself it’s much easier to see what look goes and what doesn’t.

MimicMe have already got a number of brands and retailers onboard, I tried some leggings from TopShop on my avatar and the best part is that you can ajust your avatar’s weight and measurements to match your own which allows you to see what the clothes really look like on you, instead of seeing them on some skinny rake of a model that looks nothing like a normal human being.

Currently all the big retailers, Asos, Topshop are giving you rich media in what the clothes look like on other models, but no one is enabling you see what the clothes look like on yourself, the consumer. There are a few technology startups in this space trying to crack this issue, but I recon Mimicme’s technology stands out in how realistically the clothes fit. Now all they need is a couple of big retailers to adopt their platform and it could revolutionize the way we shop online.

What would be really cool for the future of online shopping is if when you bought an item you could use an application on your phone to scan it and that item would be automatically added to your online wardrobe- This way you could see how your new purchase would go with all your existing clothes in your wardrobe.

Here are my MimicMe outfits: How cool are the different backgrounds?

Enjoy, Cynthia!