Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quiz: What's Your Summer Love Forecast?

Choose one answer in each question and then match the most to the end results!

What's Your Perfect Summer Date?
P: Laying out on the beach.
O: A moonlit dinner.
Y: Goofing around at a water park.
G: Getting ice cream.
B: A group date.

When you text your crush "What's up?" how does he respond?
Y: "Nada, U?"
B: He doesn't text you back.
P: "Waiting for you to text ;)"
O: "Not much. Let's hang out!"
G: "Busy"

How many crushes did you ahve this past school year?
O: too many to count!
G: I've had one boy in mind...
Y: A handful.
B: Don't really have one.
P: A lot!

What do you typically do to snag your crush's attention?
P: Tell his friends that you're into him.
O: Tell him that you like him.
G: Facebook him.
Y: Smile and wave.
B: Nothing and hope that he notices you.

Which song best describes you and your crush?
Y: "Only Girl" - Rihanna.
P: "Just The Way You Are" - Bruno Mars.
O: "Teenage Dream" - Katy Perry.
B: "That Should Be Me" - Justin Bieber.
G: "Back To December" - Taylor Swift.

Mostly O's:
Burning! So many guys, co little time. This summer, you're in high demand!

Mostly P's:
HOT! You're always on the prowl for love and this summer you'll find it!

Mostly Y's:
Warm. It's time to find a new crush who will make you swoon!

Mostly G's:
Cool. A new guy is on the horizon, but you might have to wait 'till fall!

Mostly B's
Chilly .. take a break from boys and enjoy the single life this summer!

Enjoy, Cynthia!