Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mini Word Play 1: A Day With Selena Gomez (: !

Fill out this fun word game with a friend to see what happens during your day with Selena Gomez!

You need a really cute summer _________ (noun), so you ___________ (verb) to the store to get it. As you're shopping, yo run into Selena Gomez. You realize you are wearing the same ________ (animal) as her! You ask her for an autograph, and she asks you to guest start on Wizards of Waverly Place! You play a ________ (fantasy character) on the show. She takes you to see a _________ (singer you mom likes) concert with her that night, When you tell your friend, ___________ (weirdest name you've ever heard) they don't believe you. You turn on the radio and hear Selena's new song, _________ (funny sound). It turns out it's about you! You are feeling so _________ (emotion) and don't care if anyone believes you, cause you know it's true.

Enjoy, Cynthia!