Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mini Word Play 2: A Day With Joe Jonas!

Fill out this fun word game with a friend to see what happens during your day with Joe Jonas!

You're excited to go out to _____________ (favorite place to eat) tonight with your best friends. When you pull up in your ____________ (type of sports car), you look next to you and see Joe Jonas standing there! he invites you and your friends to go eat _______ (type of junk food) with him before his big show. After dinner you go to _______ (outdoor place) with him. He has to take a private jet to his show in ____________ (city you want to visit) and invites you and your friends along. You can see the whole city from the jet and wave down to ________ (wild animals). When you get to the concert, he invites you onstage to perform ____________ (Jonas Brothers song) with him. You are ____________ (emotion_ and then you find out the show is on TV. Everyone is calling you because they say you on ___________________ (TV channel you love). This day was ______ (feeling) for you.

Enjoy, Cynthia!