Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quiz: Build Your Summer Boyfriend (: !

Take This Quiz To Find Out Who Your Perfect Match Is! Comment Below Your Results!

1. Which band would you want to see in concert this summer?
A. Far East Movement
B. Black Eyed Peas
C. Paramore

2. If you could only get one thing to a deserted island, what would it be?
A. A mp3 player
B. A volleyball
C. A pen & journal

3. What's your favorite color?
A. Red
B. Blue
C. Green

4. What's your idea of a romantic date?
A. Dinner & dancing
B. A stroll on the beach
C. Hot cocao & a long conversation

5. What's your dream job?
A. Superstar
B. Architect
C. Writer

Mostly A's:
You'd click with a confident guy like Jaden Smith. With his charm and outgoing personality, you two would always be the center of attention.

Mostly B's:
You'd crush on an athlete like James Maslow. You two share a love of sports, so you'd spend your summer hanging by the beach or pool.

Mostly C's:
You'd totally fall for a hot actor like Rob Pattinson. He's sweep you off your feet and take you on romantic summer dates.

You'd love guys who are into a little of everything, like Cody Simpson! Whether it's music or sports, you two would be able to talk about anything.

Enjoy, Cynthia!